Jordanian Student Nurses’ Attitudes towards the Care of Dying Patients

Mohammad Al Qadire*

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The purpose of the current inquiry is to measure Jordanian student nurses’ attitudes towards the care of dying patients using a cross-sectional survey. The sample of this study comprises 300 nursing students. Data was collected using the Frommelt’s Attitude Toward Care of the Dying Form B (FATCOD–B). Most of the students were female (72%) in their second year (40.3%). The mean total score of all FATCD-B items was 95.8 out of 150 (SD 8.7). Student nurses had low mean scores for their attitude towards care of the dying. Two approaches could be taken to improve this situation. First, research is needed to fully understand and explain students’ attitudes towards the care of dying patients. It might be more appropriate to utilize mixed research methods. The second is to integrate end-of-life care courses within the curricula of nursing programmes, currently the mainstay in improving students’ knowledge and attitudes toward care of the dying.

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