Is Communicative Language Teaching Being Tested Communicatively? An Analysis of English Tests in Oman

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This paper investigates the degree of communicativeness of English final tests in Oman. It is a descriptive,
content-based analysis of Five Final tests from 2011 to 2016. A framework and a checklist were developed for
purposes of analysis. The framework was based on Bachman and Palmer's model of language ability (2010) and
grade 10 English test specifications.
Research findings reveal: (i) A discrepancy between test specifications of English final tests and the actual
content of the tests (ii) That communicative competence was not fully addressed in the English final tests (iii)
That the input used in English final tests lacks authenticity (iv) The majority of the test components used suitable
language in a limited context with limited instructions given for some components. There was also a lack of
constructed responses (v) There was no integration between two skills or elements on the test, except for a
random integration between vocabulary and reading.
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