Insights on magnetic spinel ferrites for targeted drug delivery and hyperthermia applications

Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed Abdel Maksoud*, Mohamed Mohamady Ghobashy, Ahmad S. Kodous, Ramy Amer Fahim, Ahmed I. Osman*, Ala'a H. Al-Muhtaseb, David W. Rooney, Mohamed A. Mamdouh, Norhan Nady*, Ahmed H. Ashour

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Magnetic spinel ferrite nanoparticles (SFNPs) attract high scientific attention from researchers due to their broad area for biomedicine applications, comprising cancer magnetic hyperthermia and targeted drug delivery. Uniquely, its excellent performance, namely, tuning size and surface morphology, excellent magnetism, extraordinary magnetically heat induction, promising biocompatibility, and specific targeting capacity, is essential for their effective utilization in clinical diagnosis and therapeutics of diseases. This review emphasizes the anticancer properties of nanoparticles of spinel ferrites with extra focus on the most recent literature. A critical review is provided on the latest applications of SFNPs in cancer therapy. Based on the results obtained from this review, SFNPs have the indefinite ability in cancer therapy through two mechanisms: (1) hyperthermia, where SFNPs, used as a hyperthermia mediator, elevated the tumor cells heat post-exposure to an external magnetic field and radiosensitizer during cancer radiotherapy; and (2) targeted drug delivery of cytotoxic drugs in tumor treatment. SFNPs induced apoptosis and cell death of cancer cells and prevented cancer cell proliferation.

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حالة النشرPublished - يناير 1 2022

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