Immunophenotyping of tumours

Ritu Lakhtakia*, S. K. Nema

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Background: Immunophenotyping has added a new dimension to improve the diagnostic accuracy of malignant diseases. The emphasis on its usefulness in planning and institution of specific therapy besides helping in prognostication. Methods: The study included 83/1385 biopsies of cancer patients over an 18 month period on which immunohistochemical staining (IHC) with monoclonal antibodies were performed. The technique was used to establish the histogenetic origins/expression of the tumours. The study excluded haematolymphoid malignancies. Result: Eighty three cases on whom IHC was performed included poorly differentiated tumours (15), metastatic tumours (16), soft tissue tumours (35), central nervous system tumours (9) and miscellaneous (6). Two cases could not be typed. The clinicopathological correlation in terms of the management and the problems related to its misinterpretation are discussed. Conclusion: Immunophenotyping of tumours in an oncology set up is significant in the 'Final Diagnosis'.

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