Humanity Crisis during War

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War itself is a tragedy. The severity of the war grimes the humanity crisis. The biggest challenge of the humanity crisis is refugee crisis. Refugee crisis is in terms of speed and scale, unprecedented since the Second World War. The statistics show no signs of slowing down the present refugee crisis. This paper will highlight this issue based on the UNO published data.
The paper will also talk about the tragedy during the forced refuge crisis. During this crisis children are at significant risk of family separation, violence, sexual exploitation, and trafficking. Children desperately need of safety, stability and child protection services, especially those who are unaccompanied or separated from their families during war.

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Issued: 􀏮􀏬.06.2022
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حالة النشرPublished - يونيو 20 2022
الحدث2nd Int'l Symp on War Studies - Ankara, Turkey
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Conference2nd Int'l Symp on War Studies


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