How to measure tacit knowledge? The V.R.I.N model’s method

Khaled Tamzini, Tahar Lazhar Ayed, Aisha Boulanouar

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This paper aims to provide researchers with an original quantitative method to measure tacit knowledge. The authors have called this quantitative method: “The V.R.I.N model’s method” which is built upon Barney’s (1991) resource-based view. The methodology of “The V.R.I.N model’s method” is based on the operationalization of the four dimensions which were advanced and considered by Barney (1991) as attributes of a resource: value; rarity; inimitability and non-substitutability. The main finding of this study is to confirm Tamzini’s (2015) previous findings, mainly the fact that tacit knowledge is quadridimensional and its dimensions are unidimensional and to confirm the V.R.I.N model of Barney (1991). This paper contributes to cope with: (1) the empirical research scarcity, (2) the dominance of the qualitative methods, and (3) the risks to abuse in using proxies to measure tacit knowledge by providing researchers with an original quantitative method in the field of the resource-based view of the firm.

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