Home gardening in Muscat, Oman: Gardeners’ practices, perceptions and motivations

Ahmed Al-Mayahi, Said Al-Ismaily*, Tarig Gibreel, Anvar Kacimov, Ali Al-Maktoumi

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Omani home-gardens are jeopardized by the poor agronomic practices and unqualified gardeners. This study aimed to find: (i) gardening characteristics, practices and gardener's perception to irrigation water management, soil preparation-fertility, (ii) determinants of use of water saving methods (WSM), and (iii) reasons for garden adoption. A questionnaire was distributed and 125 responses received from residents of individual houses. Substantial differences were detected in garden composition and diversity of plants (ornamentals, lawn grass, crops and medicinal plants). Cultivation in ground and in pots with organic fertilizers is practiced. Educational level, garden size, cultivation of ornamental plants and vegetables, increasing water bill, and willingness to purchase irrigation tools were significant positive determinants in using WSM. The age of homeowners, type of plants (grass and fruits), and status of the person taking care of the garden were negative determinants. The top gardening motives were: aesthetic, shading, joy of hobby, source for food, physical exercise and protecting environment. The top five reasons for non-gardening were: pavement of the yard (commonly practiced by local building designers), lack of free land (construction of the house occupied most of the possessed urban plot), adverse weather, high water bill and lack of knowledge about gardening. Our results set a foundation for future studies on better planning and management of urban green areas and associated water resources in Oman and the neighboring Gulf countries.

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دوريةUrban Forestry and Urban Greening
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