High performance motion control of DC motors using wavelet networks

Hasan A. Yousef, Mohamed E. Elkhatib, Omar A. Sebakhy

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Based on the multi-resolution analysis and the wavelet transform, a wavelet network is presented for the control of DC motors. One of the basic advantages of wavelet network is that training is done using the recursive least square method which is suitable for online training usually required for adaptive control. The wavelet network is used to design adaptive speed controllers for a DC motor to achieve high performance speed control even if the motor model is unknown, the load characteristics are also unknown function of speed and the load torque changes online. Simulation and experimental results are presented to validate the proposed controllers.

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عنوان منشور المضيف2008 American Control Conference, ACC
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حالة النشرPublished - 2008
الحدث2008 American Control Conference, ACC - Seattle, WA, United States
المدة: يونيو ١١ ٢٠٠٨يونيو ١٣ ٢٠٠٨

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الاسمProceedings of the American Control Conference
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Other2008 American Control Conference, ACC
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