Healthy work environments are critical for nurse job satisfaction: implications for Oman

Alaa Albashayreh*, Sulaiman D. Al Sabei, Omar M. Al-Rawajfah, Huda Al-Awaisi

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Aims: To (1) examine the level and variability of nurse work environment and job satisfaction and (2) explore how nurse job satisfaction in tertiary hospitals in Oman is influenced by the nurses' characteristics and work environment. Background: In Oman and the Middle East, a scarcity of research addressing nurse work environment and job satisfaction exists. Such evidence is necessary for policymaking to positively impact nurse job outcomes, and therefore, quality of care. Methods: We used a cross-sectional descriptive design employing a sample of 454 local and expatriate nurses who responded to a self-administered questionnaire. Results: The work environment was favourable, and it positively correlated with job satisfaction. Nationality, education, hospital type, staffing, resources and participation in hospital affairs were significant predictors of nurse job satisfaction. The greatest amount of variation in nurse job satisfaction was explained by the work environment. Conclusion: The influence of work environment on nurse job satisfaction is greater than nurse characteristics and hospital and unit types. Enhancing nurse participation in hospital affairs and providing adequate staffing and resources are central means of establishing healthy work environments, which is an auspicious, cost-effective strategy for satisfying, and therefore, retaining nurses. Implications for nursing and health policy: To enhance nurse work environment and job satisfaction in Oman and the Middle East, nurse and health leaders need to consider developing work and professional regulations and adopting policies to promote staffing, resources, wages, and benefits for nurses and encourage their promotion and career advancement; and foster nurse participation in hospital affairs.

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