Health-related quality of life among patients with colorectal cancer

Loai Abu Sharour*, Omar Al Omari, Ayman Bani Salameh, Dalal Yehia

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Background: Up to 35% of cancer patients have clinically significant levels of psychological distress during their treatment. Accordingly, better understanding of health-related quality of life and its predictors will help oncology nurses plan appropriate interventions to improve health-related quality of life. Aims: This study was conducted to investigate the relationship between hope, depression and anxiety and health-related quality of life among Jordanian cancer patients during their treatment period. Methods: Cross-sectional descriptive correlational design was conducted using the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, Herth Hope Index and Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy-Colorectal surveys. Results: 260 Jordanian patients with cancer from three Jordanian hospitals completed the study survey. The bivariate analysis indicated significant positive relationships between hope and quality of life (r =.57, p <.0001). A significant negative relationship was found between anxiety and depression and quality of life (r = −.76, p <.0001). A multiple regression analysis indicated that hope, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale and time since diagnosis were predictors of quality of life, and explained 66% of the variance in the quality of life for this sample. Conclusions: The assessment of psychosocial elements including hope, depression, anxiety, and quality of life should be a part of daily nurse-caring behaviours and practices. Implement education programmes to increase nurses' competencies in the psychosocial assessment are recommended.

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