Health benefits of olives and olive oil

Amani S. Al-Rawahi, M. Mohamed Essa*, Gilles J. Guillemin, Subash Selvaraju, Reshmi K. Vijayan, M. Shafiur Rahman

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The olive fruit and its derivatives, such as olive oil, are unique to the Mediterraneandiet (MedDiet) and are considered by scientists to be partially responsible for the diet'sprotective health effects. Although the medicinal potential of olives and olive oil has beenlargely attributed to antioxidant effects of bio-phenols derived from olive oil,accumulating evidence strongly suggests that olive oil's benefits to human health are notcompletely explained by its antioxidant activities. The pharmacological properties ofolive and olive oil phenols lower plasma levels of cholesterol and polyunsaturated fattyacids and decrease the risk of low-density lipoprotein oxidation, leading to a healthylipoprotein profile. Furthermore, olive oil diets help in controlling blood pressure,glucose, and lipid levels in diabetic patients, as well as in improving immune function byattenuating the inflammatory process. Beyond epidemiological evidence, experimentalwork has been carried out to evaluate the properties of olives and olive oil. In thischapter, the health protective effects of olives and its derivatives will be reviewed.

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