Growth of spotted ragged-tooth sharks carcharias taurus (Rafinesque) in captivity

A. Govender, N. Kistnasamy, R. P. Van Der Elst

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Eight spotted ragged-tooth sharks Carcharias taurus (95–248, 4 cm total length TL), ranging in known age from 0 to 16, 6 years, were used to investigate the growth of the species in captivity. Total length was measured by a standard technique in some cases and estimated from photographs in others. The accuracy of the photographic technique was evaluated and found adequate for captive growth studies in sharks. Parameters of various growth models were estimated by non-linear regression and the special Von Bertalanffy growth model provided the best fit to the age-length data of the combined sexes. The parameters of the special Von Bertalanffy model are L = 249, 8 cm TL, K = 0, 233·year−1, t0 = −2, 238 years. Longevity of captive C. taurus is greater than 16, 6 years.

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