Ground Fault Protection of Synchronous Generators with Frequency-Selective Grounding

S. Saleh, D. Jewett, J. Meng, M. Valdes, R. Ahshan, S. Panetta, C. Mardegan

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This paper experimentally evaluates responses of ground fault protection for synchronous generators, which are grounded using frequency-selective grounding. Frequency-selective grounding is designed to provide a low ground impedance path (similar to solid grounding) for high frequency zero-sequence current components. This grounding system also provides an impedance similar to a low-resistance grounding for low frequency zero-sequence current components. The frequency-dependent equivalent impedance of frequency-selective grounding can affect ground potential and current, which are typically used as inputs for ground fault protective relays. Effects of frequency-selective grounding on ground fault protection are experimentally evaluated using a 7.5 kVA synchronous generator. Experimental tests are conducted for different implementations of ground fault protection, when responding to fault and non-fault events. Evaluation results detailed in this paper demonstrate the negligible effects of frequency-selective grounding on responses of different ground fault protection relays.

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عنوان منشور المضيف2022 IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting, IAS 2022
ناشرInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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الحدث2022 IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting, IAS 2022 - Detroit, United States
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Conference2022 IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting, IAS 2022
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