Global status of biotechnology: Opportunities for GCC

Avnish Pareek*, Mohd Zafar, Taqi Ahmed Khan, Shamshad Ahmad Khan, Sanket J. Joshi

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Technologies are always on the anvil, rigorously mapped and improved using some key performance indicators (KPIs), and biotechnology is no exception. Usually, from a scientific perspective, bibliometric mapping and number of patents over a given period, are the two tools/KPIs that can showcase progress in an applied field like biotechnology. Traditionally these two tools are used extensively to assess performances from individuals to national or regional geo-economic entities. These tools are useful to test academic robustness for the generation of knowledge and innovation. But gradually it is being understood that these traditional tools do not give a holistic picture on economic front for a nation's or region's portfolio. Therefore, in the present chapter, biotechnology is mapped against its presence in listed stock market industries using the information on the existing or future role of biotechnology or no role of biotechnology. Furthermore, opportunities in GCC countries are explored to utilize biotechnology for sustainable development of these hydrocarbon-based economies.

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عنوان منشور المضيفRecent Advances in Biotechnology
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