GIS-based assessment of combined CSP electric power and seawater desalination plant for Duqum-Oman

Adel Gastli*, Yassine Charabi, Slim Zekri

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This paper investigates the potential of implementing combined electric power and seawater desalination plant using concentrated solar power technologies for Wilayat Duqum in Oman. Duqum is going through a considerable urban, touristic and industrial expansion and development. GIS solar radiation tools are used to select the most appropriate site for the plant location. There are basically two different options to combine concentrated solar electric power with seawater desalination. The first option is to combine a CSP plant with a thermal desalination unit, exploiting the exhaust heat of the steam cycle to drive a thermal desalination unit. The second option is to exploit only the electricity output of the CSP plant with a reverse osmosis desalination unit. The paper deals with both options and shows where each of the concepts has advantages considering local conditions: the quality of the input water, the demand of freshwater and/or potable water, social and economic aspects, the environment and others.

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