Feasibility analysis of renewable hybrid energy supply options for Masirah Island

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In this paper, the assessment and modelling of alternative renewable energy systems for Masirah Island is considered. The hybrid system that is simulated comprises various combinations of wind turbines and/or photovoltaic (PV) supplemented with diesel generators and short-term battery storage. It was found from the analysis that the PV-wind-diesel hybrid system, with battery unit, has the lowest cost values as compared to solar-only or wind-diesel hybrid systems. Furthermore, the study illustrates that for a given hybrid system the presence of battery storage will reduce diesel consumption. The decrease in carbon emission, the percentage of fuel savings, the cost of energy production and the effect of wind and PV penetration are also addressed in this paper. The PV-wind-diesel hybrid option is techno-economically viable for the electrification of the Masirah Island.

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