Fashion model profiles: the intersection of self, ideal and preferred

Khurram Sharif*, Syed Asif Raza, Amit Das

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Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to understand how young female fashion consumers assessed the facial attractiveness of an advertising model. The study focused on the consumers exposed to both local and foreign fashion advertising. Design/methodology/approach: The study sample consisted of 161 young female (18-30 years old) university students from the State of Qatar. A research questionnaire was designed to assess the perceptions of young Qatari females toward the facial features of a cluster of international fashion models representing a variety of looks. Due to the cultural sensitivity of the research topic, data were collected online using SurveyMonkey. Apart from the key demographics, the research questionnaire captured the respondent’s own self-assessed facial profile, an ideal facial profile, and the facial profile of the most preferred model from a set of choices. The authors analyze the similarities and differences between the three profiles collected from each respondent: self, ideal and choice. Findings: The findings indicated that a mix of facial features (a blend of classical Arabic looks and contemporary Western looks) is preferred by most respondents. This matches the expectation of consumers exposed to local as well as international fashion advertising. Practical implications: In developing markets (such as Qatar), preference for fashion models is shaped by a combination of local and foreign advertising influences. Hence, it is likely that hybrid models (i.e. representing a combination of Eastern and Western looks) appeal to young female consumers within these markets. Retailers of fashion clothing and accessories can use this information to select models who maximize the appeal of their brands. Originality/value: The research sheds light on how judgments about the attractiveness of female models are made by triangulation among the self, the ideal and the selection of models available to choose from. The research provides a window into how young women make judgments of physical attractiveness based on facial features.

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