Factors Contributing to the Unmet Needs of Primary Caregivers of Omani Children Diagnosed with Leukemia

Amal Al-Dhawyani, Karima Al-Hinai, Moon Fai Chan, Mohammed Al-Azri*

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Objectives: Childhood cancers affect 6.7% of those under 14 in Oman, with leukemia being the most common. The psychological distress of having a child with leukemia is often compounded by perceived unmet needs by the child’s primary caregiver. We aimed to identify factors contributing to perceived unmet needs among primary caregivers of Omani children with leukemia. Methods: We conducted a cross-sectional study among 119 Omani caregivers accompanying their children to the National Oncology Center, Muscat, Oman. We used an Arabic version of the Needs Assessment of Family Caregivers-Cancer (NAFC-C) questionnaire to assess perceived unmet needs in seven domains. Results: A total of 119 Omani primary caregivers were contacted; 101 agreed to participate in the study (response rate: 84.9%). Linear regression analysis showed significant correlations between total NAFC-C scores and the child’s (p = 0.014) and caregiver’s age (p < 0.001), and employment status (p = 0.024) and income (p = 0.028). Unmet needs in the obtaining information domain correlated with caregiver’s age (p < 0.001), caring time (p = 0.018), and number of family members (p < 0.001), whereas needs in the maintaining own strength domain correlated with the child’s gender (p = 0.028), time since diagnosis (p = 0.004), caregiver’s age (p < 0.001), and education level (p = 0.019). Unmet needs in the accompanying the sick child domain were correlated with the child’s gender (p = 0.049), caregiver’s gender (p < 0.001), and income (p < 0.001). Conclusions: Various sociodemographic variables affected the unmet needs of primary caregivers of children with leukemias in Oman. Healthcare professionals in Oman should be aware of such factors to reduce caregiver distress.
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