Extra-intestinal manifestations of ulcerative colitis in omani population: A study of 100 cases

Aftab Ahmed Siddiqui, Babar Bashir, Moin Ahmed Ansari, Rakhshinda Jabeen, Saeed Ahmed, Masoud Bakheet Khashoob

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OBJECT: To identify the extra intestinal manifestations of Ulcerative Colitis in Omani population. STUDY DESIGN: Observational study. PLACE AND DURATION OF STUDY: Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, Oman from January, 2002 to January, 2006. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Inclusion Criteria: All patients seen in Gastroenterology out patient's clinic with bleeding per rectum and diagnosis of ulcerative colitis by colonoscopy and subsequent confirmation by biopsy. Exclusion Criteria: All patients with other systemic illness. RESULTS: Total 100 Patients were included in the study, among them 61 were males. Extra intestinal manifestations were observed in 6 males and 5 females. Among 6 male patients 2 had more than one complication while 4 had only one complication. Among 5 female patients 2 had more than one, while 3 had only one complication. CONCLUSION: It is thus concluded that incidences and severity of extra intestinal manifestation is much less in the Omani population as compared to the Western population.

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دوريةJournal of the Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences
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