Evaluation of indoor air quality in a museum (Bait Al Zubair) and residential homes

Sabah Ahmed Abdul-Wahab*, Nahed Salem, Sappurd Ali

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This study was conducted with an aim to know the extent to which artefacts displayed in a museum could be affected due to raised levels of indoor air pollutants. The other objective of this work was to identify whether the quality of air in the residential homes is acceptable for the residents or not. In order to fulfil these objectives, the levels of air quality parameters were recorded at various locations of the museum and residential homes. The determined values of these parameters were compared with the permitted values defined in international standards/guidelines. Results showed that the levels of nitrogen dioxide, relative humidity and temperature in the museum were within the allowable limits while that of ozone, sulphur dioxide and total particulate matters were above the thresholds, which could cause damage to the exhibits in the museum. Furthermore, the results obtained from the residential homes indicated that the elevated levels of carbon dioxide, total volatile organic compounds and temperature in the indoor environment of these homes could cause unhealthy effects to the residents.

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