Estimation of winds over the sea from land-based measurements

Jen Men Lo*, N. Al-Madani, M. A. Tayfun, D. Al-Ajmi

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Simultaneous measurements of wind velocities at two different sites, one over the sea and the other over land, can differ substantially and therefore cannot be interchanged. In situations where the wind data at an offshore site are missing while simultaneous measurements from a land-based station exist, a linear mean-square estimation (LMSE) technique can be used to estimate the missing data. This technique relies on past wind data gathered simultaneously at the two locations, and it generates from the associated correlation a set of four transfer functions capable of predicting one data set from the other. In the present case, the LMSE technique is outlined briefly, and is then applied to construct seasonal transfer functions between a land-based station and two coastal/offshore sites in Kuwait. Comparisons between the actually observed wind characteristics and those predicted by the LMSE technique are favorable, and thus tend to confirm the applicability of the technique under appropriate conditions.

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