Enhancing the performance of industrial firms through implementation of lean techniques

Ibrahim H. Garbie*

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Lean manufacturing plays a prominent role in enhancing the manufacturing performance (cost, productivity, and profitability) of industrial firms. As lean manufacturing reduces defects, wastes, manufacturing lead time, and inventory through implementing lean techniques, effective lean techniques still need more effort to explore. Implementing effective lean techniques is time consuming and requires more information and knowledge. There are several lean techniques which can be used such as: Standardized work, workplace organization, visual controls, plant layout, teams, quick changeover, batch reduction, pull//Kankan, cellular/flow, total productive maintenance and quality at sourceetc. Comparison between these techniques in measuring the manufacturing performance is a huge task. This paper aims to present a case study of lean implementation at a small company in Sultanate of OMAN (Middle East).

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الحدثIIE Annual Conference and Expo 2010 - Cancun, Mexico
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