Electro-osmotic optimized flow of Prandtl nanofluid in vertical wavy channel with nonlinear thermal radiation and slip effects

Aamar Abbasi, Waseh Farooq, Kamel Al-Khaled, Sami Ullah Khan, Mawahib Elamin, Muhammad Ijaz Khan, Shahid Farooq*, M. A. El-Shorbagy, Muhammad Yousaf Malik

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The simulations have been performed for the nonlinear radiative flow of Prandtl nanofluid following the peristaltic pumping in a wavy channel. The applications of entropy generation for the electrokinetic pumping phenomenon are also focused as a novelty. The complex wavy channel induced the flow of Prandtl nanofluid. Moreover, the formulated problem is solved by using the convective thermal and concentration boundary conditions. The Keller Box numerical procedure is adopted as a tool for the simulation task. The results are also verified by implementing the built-in numerical technique bvp4c. The comparison tasked against obtained numerical measurement has been done with already reported results with excellent manner. The physical characteristics based on the flow parameters for velocity, heat transfer phenomenon, concentration field, and entropy generation pattern is visualized graphically. It has been observed that the presence of thermal slip and concentration enhanced the heat transfer rate and concentration profile, respectively. The skin friction coefficient declines with electro-osmotic force and slip parameter. The increasing variation in Nusselt number is observed for electro-osmotic parameter for both linear and non-linear radiative phenomenon.

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دوريةAdvances in Mechanical Engineering
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حالة النشرPublished - سبتمبر 1 2022
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