Effect of feeding herbal preparations on milk yield and rumen parameters in lactating crossbred cows

Neeru Bhatt*, Mahendra Singh, Amanat Ali

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The study evaluated the effect of feeding two herbal preparations (Ruchamax & Payapro) on the milk yield and rumen parameters in lactating crossbred cows. Fifteen lactating cows in their 1st-6th lactation were taken for the experiment after 3 days of calving to their full lactation. The cows were randomly divided into three uniform groups of 5 cows in each. All the animals were fed standard seasonally available roughages and concentrates to meet their nutritional requirements. The animals in group I were not given any supplement and acted as control. The animals in second and third group were given either Ruchamax @30 g per day or Payapro@4 tablets per day, respectively for 15 consecutive days in a month for 3 months, commencing 3 days after calving in addition to the usual feed/fodders and were termed as Ruchamax supplemented and Payapro supplemented animals. Significant (P <0.05) differences were observed in milk yield and rumen parameters of cows fed herbal preparations as compared to control. The ammonia nitrogen was highest (22.38 mg 100 mL-1) in control animals, whereas total volatile fatty acids as well as bacterial and protozoal counts were highest in Ruchamax supplemented, moderate in Payapro supplemented and lowest in control animals, respectively. The use of herbal preparations increased the average milk production in cows, which was highest (11.8 L day-1) in Ruchamax supplemented, moderate (9.3 L day-1) in Payapro supplemented as compared to control animals (7.1 L day-1). It is concluded that herbal preparations can increase milk yield in lactating dairy cows through improving their rumen environment.

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