Educational services and therapeutic support provided to parents of children with disabilities and their relationship to feelings of anxiety and psychological pressure during the Corona pandemic

Ibrahim Al-Qaryouti, Abdel Fattah, Rababah

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This study aimed at identifying the support needed by parents, considering
their psychological factors, and also the services provided by special education
centers in some Arab countries, e.g. Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE during the
interruption of direct work. Responses of 638 parents of children with special
needs were collected using an electronic self-report questionnaire.
The results revealed, a high level of parent’s anxiety due to the conditions
caused by COVID-19 and also increase in mother’s future anxiety associated
with the impact on the child’s future life that exceeded father’s future
anxiety. The study showed an increase in stress which was evident from the
appearance of pathological symptoms that could threaten personal health or
people around; increase in feelings of pressure because of stopping center
services due breaking down and the absence of activities for the child. Results
of multiple linear regression indicated the importance of anxiety feelings in
determining the need for psychological support. Parents and children received
some services related to school subjects in a modest proportion and received
a training related to self-care. The study recommended offering opportunities
for parents to carry out their role that help reduce the long-term consequences
during any crises.
اللغة الأصليةEnglish
دوريةJournal of Educational and Psychological Sciences (University of Bahrain)
مستوى الصوت22
رقم الإصدار4
حالة النشرPublished - 2021

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