Dynamic analysis and performance optimization of permendur cantilevered energy harvester

Mojtaba Ghodsi*, Hamidreza Ziaiefar, Morteza Mohammadzaheri, Farag K. Omar, Issam Bahadur

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The development of the low power application such as wireless sensors and health monitoring systems, attract a great attention to low power vibration energy harvesters. The recent vibration energy harvesters use smart materials in their structures to convert ambient mechanical energy into electricity. The frequent model of this harvesters is cantilevered beam. In the literature, the base excitation cantilevered harvesters are mainly investigated, and the related models are presented. This paper investigates a tip excitation cantilevered beam energy harvester with permendur. In the first section, the mechanical model of the harvester and magneto-mechanical model of the permendur are presented. Later, to find the maximum output of the harvester, based on the response surface method (RSM), some experiments are done, and the results are analyzed. Finally, to verify the results of RSM, a harvester with optimum design variables is made, and its output power is compared. The last comparison verifies the estimation of the RSM method which was about 381 µW/cm3.

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حالة النشرPublished - 2019

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