Does transformational leadership matter in gazelles and mice: Evidence from Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Ramo Palalic*, Benjamin Durakovic

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The purpose of this paper is to examine gazelles and mice, their transformational leadership style level and its relationship with business performance. The study is a quantitative approach based on survey data collected from business owners and CEOs across Bosnia and Herzegovina. The quantitative results show that gazelles apply more transformational leadership compared to mice. In the long term, we suggest gazelles to improve transformational leadership styles in order to maintain their growth and development. Leaders of mice should be aware that transformational leadership can influence their transformation into gazelles if it is fully implemented. Both gazelles and mice should work on intellectual stimulation that can create and produce proactiveness in the long term, giving them more strength and synergy for being a first mover in the market. The research also draws implications for managers and business owners regarding transformational leadership's effect in creating a growth model for mice to reach gazelles level, while simultaneously suggesting how gazelles should behave in order to retain their current title. This is the first empirical research that examines transformational leadership style's effect on business performance in gazelles and mice.

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