Developing skills in problem based learning facilitation: An insight

Nabishah Mohamad*, Robert Chen, Ilina Isahak, A. Salam, Harlina H. Siraj, Srijit Das

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Objectives: Regular problem based learning (PBL) workshops are to be conducted in order to know the lacunae of the PBL facilitators and improve on various aspects. Materials and Methods: A total of 20 workshops (with duration of 2-days) were conducted between the year 2005 and 2008. One hundred and ninety one participants registered for the workshop. However, only 173 individuals fully attended the workshops. Nine attended but were unable to complete the workshop for various reasons. The rest nine registered but still did not turn up. The 2 day training session ended with an overall feedback from trainers to participants and by evaluation of the workshop by participants. A 15-item questionnaire was distributed which covered each of the workshop activities as well as the facilities provided during the training sessions. Satisfaction was rated as '0' to '5' where '0' was 'disastrous' and '5' was considered as 'excellent' Results: Of the 173 participants, 155 completed the 2-day workshop and returned the feedback forms (response rate of 89.6%). Feedback from participants was obtained based on the activities as well as facilities provided during the workshops. Conclusion: The 2-day PBL facilitator training session exposed teachers to a new way of conducting student centered small group learning. The results obtained from the study might be helpful in proper conductance of PBL at all medical institutions.

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