Developing a common personalization framework for the e-application software systems

Zuhoor A. Al-Khanjari*

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E-application represents any online software application including e-governance, e-learning, ecommerce and other e-applications. Organizations are intended to develop their own style of e-application software. They consider personalization issues to positively approach their users. To retain users' trust and loyalty, organizations develop a robust e-application software system, which might complicate the online processes. The user of several e-applications could be the same person. Since each organization has its own eapplication, users might find difficulties in using different types of e-application software systems to complete their online services, which might be the same service in some cases. How to help the users to reduce the time needed to accomplish certain service without making their life difficult? How to help the organizations to facilitate their services through the personalized e-application software systems? How to help new organizations understand the needs of their users and develop their own customized personalized e-application software system? Current author argues that this problem could be solved by developing a common template framework for personalized e-application software system? To support this argument, this paper at first addresses the importance of the personalization concept and presents a framework for personalized e-application software system. Secondly it discusses the results of the conducted survey to know whether users support the implementation and usage of a common personalization framework for e-application software systems. The results of the survey were impressive in supporting the argument. This indicates the necessity for having a common personalized e-application software system for all parties: organizations, users and developers.

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