Determinants of small-scale Fishermen's income on Oman's Batinah Coast

Omar Al Jabri, Ray Collins, Ximing Sun, Abdallah Omezzine, Rakesh Belwal*

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The small-scale fishing industry of Oman is responsible for almost 90 percent of the total marine fishery production. It is also the main supplier of fish for Omani households. This study analyzes the factors that determine small-scale fishermen's income on Oman's Batinah Coast, which has almost 30 percent of Oman's population and more than one-third of the small-scale fishermen. We find that fishermen's income here can be explained broadly under four major blocks of variables: geographical region, fishing inputs and catch, socioeconomic and demographic characteristics, and the nature of the relationship with fisheries extension services. In general, the Wilayat (local administrative units) failed to make any significant impact on fishermen's income. The variable "Fishing inputs and catch," such as increases in engine power, boat length, weekly catch, and number of weekly trips, positively impacted fishermen's income while increases in weekly fishing costs, number of crew members, and difficulty in getting ice had a significantly negative effect on the in come. Furthermore, socioeconomic and demographic characteristics also contributed significantly in determining the fishermen's income level. The other important findings were related to extension services. The variables "Fishermen's exchange of information and cooperation with the ministry" and "Fishermen's involvement in the extension activities" were found to have positive effects on fishermen's income levels. Capitalizing on these findings could improve fishermen's incomes and their lives across the region, as well as nationally.

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