Decentralized robust saturated control of power systems using reachable sets

Hisham M. Soliman*, Hassan A. Yousef, Rashid Al-Abri, Khaled A. El-Metwally

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Electric power grids are highly nonlinear complex systems. This manuscript presents a novel approach to the stabilization of large power systems. The proposed control satisfied three constraints: decentralization, input saturation imposed in practice, and robustness against load changes. The large power system is decomposed into subsystems, for each a decentralized controller is designed. The effect of the rest of the system on each subsystem is considered as an external disturbance and represented in norm-bounded form. A new approach to solve this problem is proposed in the present paper. The approach is based on the method of invariant ellipsoids, and the tool of linear matrix inequalities (LMI) is utilized to solve the resulting optimization problem. Control of multimachine power system is studied using the proposed control. Comparison with other techniques is also given.

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مستوى الصوت2018
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حالة النشرPublished - 2018

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