Dark Triad Traits, Job Involvement, and Depersonalization among Hotel Employees: The Mediating Role of Workplace Incivility

Rimsha Khalid, Zahed Ghaderi*, Malek Bakheet Elayan, Kareem M. Selem, Ibrahim M. Mkheimer, Mohsin Raza

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Previous studies have explored the effects of each dark triad trait (narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism) on supervisor incivility, job satisfaction, and productivity. However, little is known about how dark triad traits affect depersonalization and job involvement via workplace incivility in the hospitality sector through the conservation of resources theory lens. Involving 603 hotel employees in Greater Cairo using a time-lag approach, the partial least squares (PLS) findings indicate that dark triad traits positively and significantly predict workplace incivility. Workplace incivility negatively and positively affects job involvement and employee depersonalization. Workplace incivility partially mediates the indirect linkages of dark triad traits with job involvement and employee depersonalization. This study presents significant theoretical and managerial implications for academics and practitioners in the hotel industry.

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دوريةInternational Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Administration
المعرِّفات الرقمية للأشياء
حالة النشرAccepted/In press - 2022

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