Cracking and deflection behavior of one-way parking garage slabs reinforced with CFRP bars

S. El-Gamal*, B. Benmokrane, E. El-Salakawy

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This paper describes a laboratory investigation on the flexural behavior of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP)-reinforced concrete slab specimens extracted from Laurier-Taché Parking Garage (National Capital Region- Canada) after being in service field conditions for about eight years (1997-2005). A total of four specimens, measuring 3 m long × 1 m wide × 0.19 m deep each, are extracted from the parking garage and then tested in flexure under four-point bending set-up. In addition, five FRP bar samples are extracted from the slabs and tested in tension to evaluate the strength or stiffness degradation of the CFRP bars, if any. The test results are presented in terms of deflection, crack widths, strains in concrete and reinforcement, ultimate capacity, and mode of failure. Based on the test results, the current provisions, provided by different FRP codes and design guidelines, are evaluated. The results showed that the CFRP bars as well as the CFRP-reinforced concrete slabs have not been adversely affected after being in service for eight years.

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الحدثACI Spring 2009 Convention - San Antonio, TX, United States
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