COVID-19 Medical Research in Oman: A Bibliometric and Visualization Study

Jimmy Jose*, Mohammad Karim Saberi, Faryal Khamis, Heidar Mokthari, Ibrahim Al Zakwani

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Objectives: To study the quantum and pattern of the COVID-19-related medical research publications that had contributions from researchers in Oman, using bibliometric analysis. Methods: Data on the COVID-19-related medical research publications with contributions from authors in Oman were sourced from the Scopus database. The main search keywords were ‘COVID-19’ and ‘Oman’. The search included data from 1 December 2019 till 21 August 2021. A bibliometric method utilizing citation analysis and science mapping was applied to the selected data. VOSviewer software was used for constructing and visualizing various bibliometric networks. Results: The search query returned 360 documents which included those by authors from Oman. After excluding 83 of these due to irrelevance, 277 documents were finally selected for analysis. Three macro research themes emerged: treatment of COVID-19 cases, epidemiology and impact of COVID-19, and etiology and clinical manifestations of COVID-19. A total of 4533 sources were cited in the selected 277 documents. Most articles were published in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases (IJID), followed by Oman Medical Journal, and Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal. The most cited references included the Lancet, followed by the New England Journal of Medicine, and the Journal of the American Medical Association. The largest number of papers were authored by researchers from Sultan Qaboos University followed by the Oman Ministry of Health. Regarding the number of citations received per paper, the top rank went to the Ministry of Health, followed by Sultan Qaboos University Hospital and Khoula Hospital. Conclusions: Oman has significantly contributed to the COVID-19-related medical knowledge despite the challenges of conducting research amidst the increased workload during the pandemic. Most publications in Oman were collaborative projects. Based on the evaluated literature, further research focusing on vaccines and therapeutics is warranted.

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