Continuous thermodynamics of petroleum fluids fractions

G. R. Vakili-Nezhaad, H. Modarress*, G. A. Mansoori

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A method based on continuous thermodynamics has been presented for calculating the vapor pressure of undefined composition mixtures. In order to verify the proposed method the experimental data of an Indonesian petroleum fluid as well as a detailed true boiling point data on the lube-oil cut SAE 10 of Tehran Refinery have been used. In this work by using the combination of the Trouton's rule and the Clausius-Clapeyron equation in the well-known equation of Antonie, the continuous version of the Raoult's law has been developed and the results of the modeling and calculations have been compared with the experimental data and good agreement was found. Moreover, for improving the results of the ideal continuous mixture, modeling of non-ideal behaviour of such mixtures has been carried out by introducing the continuous version of the UNIFAC activity coefficient in the formulation and a better result has been obtained.

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