Contextual M-learning system for higher education providers in Oman

Mohamed Sarrab*, Laila Elgamel

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M-learning is the basis of digital learning where, the effective combination of Information and wireless network technologies, make knowledge available anywhere at any timerealizing the real sense of autonomous, socialization and lifelong learning. M-learning is a new research area, that has become an emerging tool for our education system. M-learning can be used to enhance the overall learning experience of our students and teachers. The students and teachers demand for customized M-learning systems is increasing. However, many designed M-learning systems failed to meet students and teachers expectations and requirements. This paper provides general overview and network architecture of M-learning system. This paper discusses the three layers of M-learning system based network architecture. The paper describes M-service center as storage of M-learning services. The paper presents a frameworkof a contextual mobile learning system taking intoaccount the learning environment in the sultanate of Oman.

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