Construction of an Affordable Open-Design Recirculating Zebrafish Housing System

Seong Lin Teoh*, Shaiful Ridzwan Bin Sapri, Mohd Rafizul Bin Mohd Yusof, Mohamad Fairuz Yahaya, Srijit Das

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Recently, the zebrafish has gained in popularity as a vertebrate animal model for biomedical research. Commercial zebrafish housing systems are available and are designed to maximize stocking density of fish for a given space, but these systems are expensive and purchasing them may not be feasible for emerging laboratories with limited funding. In this article, we describe the construction of a simple and affordable recirculating zebrafish housing system. This system can be constructed in 3 working days, with materials readily available in hardware stores. The cost for construction of the system was only 3,000 MYR (750 USD). The system consists of a water reservoir, a supply line that delivers water to the shelves holding the zebrafish tanks, and a drainage line that receives water from both the supply line and the shelves containing the fish tanks and returns this water to the reservoir. This system also has a 3-stage filtration process to ensure that clean water is delivered to the zebrafish tank. The system can house up to 360 zebrafish. This low-cost housing system may make research using zebrafish feasible some laboratories.

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