Consolidation of AZ31 magnesium chips using equal channel angular pressing

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Equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) as a severe plastic deformation (SPD) technique was employed for consolidation of AZ31 magnesium chips. The chips were consolidated at a temperature of 300 °C following ECAP route A up to two passes. The optical and scanning electron micrographs reveal that consolidation have taken place and the quality of consolidation improves with number of ECAP passes and hence the total imposed strain. The Vickers hardness of the processed samples increased from 41 of the as cast used to generate the chips to 47.7 ad 58.5 of consolidated samples after one and two passes respectively. The consolidation of chips was accompanied by the breakage and dispersion of the oxide layer developed on the surface of the chips during and after machining. © 2023, Association of American Publishers. All rights reserved.
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