Competency based teacher education (CBTE): A training module for improving knowledge competencies for resource room teachers in Jordan

Hairul Nizam Ismail, Suhail Mahmoud Al-Zoubi, Majdoleen Bani Abdel Rahman, Ahmad Mohammad Al-Shabatat

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The purpose of this study was to measure the effect of a training module in improving knowledge competencies for resource room teachers in Jordan. The training module consisted of 10 training sessions, covered three domains, namely, planning, instruction and classroom management, and evaluation competencies. The sample of the study consisted of 50 teachers. The participants of the sample were distributed into two equal groups, with 25 teachers in each group. The teachers in the experimental group were attached with the training module for five weeks; whereas the teachers in the control group were exposed for the same period to the conventional training adopted by the Ministry of Education in Jordan. The results of (ANCOVA) revealed that there were statistically significant differences between the means of the two groups' means on the post-achievement test, favoring to the experimental group. Furthermore, results of the experimental group on the achievement test revealed no statistically significant differences across the demographic variables, namely, gender, specialization, qualification, and experience.

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