Characteristics and intermolecular interaction of eutectic binary mixtures: Reline and Glyceline

Farouq Sabri Mjalli*, Omar Umar Ahmed

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Deep Eutectic Solvents are promising greener and cheaper alternatives to ionic liquids. The applications involving these solvents depend largely on their physical and chemical properties. However, a DES may possess both desirable and undesirable properties for a certain application. In such situations, mixing two DESs, each possessing a unique set of properties, may yield one with a more suitable set of physical and chemical properties for the same application. In this work, the variation in the physical properties of Reline upon addition of Glyceline was investigated. While a positive deviation of excess molar volume was observed, a negative deviation of viscosity was recorded with the increase in Glyceline mol% indicating a disruption of the ordered structure of Reline. The highest deviation in both cases was observed at 30 mol% Glyceline. The physical properties measured were density, viscosity, pH, RI and conductivity. The Glyceline molar percentage studied was 0 to 100mol% while temperature was varied within the range of 20 °C to 80 °C.

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