Cancer care in regions/societies in transition in the gulf states: Sultanate of Oman

Zakiya M.N. Al Lamki*

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Oman, a member of the Arabian Gulf Cooperation Council is a middle-income economy state that has achieved remarkable success in controlling and eradicating major communicable diseases through its sound policies and strategies on the primary health care approach. As observed in other countries in the region, Oman is challenged by the rise in incidence of noncommunicable diseases including cancer. This is a result of the rapid growth and changing age structure of the population together with unhealthy lifestyles. The current economic prosperity of Oman and the sociodemographic changes have led to a shift in the epidemiological patterns of cancer. Delayed presentation of the disease has been attributed to lack of awareness, cultural barriers, and limited screening programs. Understanding these barriers is crucial for optimizing proper cancer prevention. Since 30–50 % of cancers are preventable; therefore, a high priority must be placed on prevention and early detection. In Oman, efforts have been introduced in the last few years to implement health strategies that increase public awareness through community-based programs and education. Ministry of Health along with the national associations is constantly working towards promoting health initiatives in schools and in tobacco control. Oman has achieved a dramatic transformation in cancer care in a remarkably short time. In addition to the existing preventive strategies, stronger measures remain to be accomplished. Furthermore, research is needed to identify the unknown risk factors. Given the country’s extensive experience in health promotion and disease prevention, Oman stands as a model in cancer control for other countries in transition.

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