Bio-fuel crop: Jatropha plantation in Oman

Ahmed Al-Busaidi*, Mushtaque Ahmed

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A preliminary study was done to evaluate the ability of Jatropha plant to grow and survive under saline irrigation (3 & 6 dS/m) and heat stresses conditions. The study was done under three different metrological conditions: in a glasshouse with controlled temperature, in a shade house and in an open area. The results showed that glasshouse plants were the best even if the plants were irrigated by saline water up to 6 dS/m. Whereas the worst growth was found in the open field where the temperature was very high (average = 40 °C) and salts were accumulated in the soil surface. It was difficult for the young Jatropha plants to grow under heat and salinity stress conditions. However, the plants showed some strength and they did not die completely. It was concluded that Jatropha plant can grow well under saline and drought stress conditions but the plant should be transplanted when the average temperature is around 30 °C. The best plants from this study were transplanted in plots. They are growing very well and producing seeds that can be used for bio-fuel production.

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حالة النشرPublished - أبريل 2016

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