Big Data Opportunities and Challenges for Analytics Strategies in Jordanian Academic Libraries

Faten Hamad*, Hussam Fakhuri, Sinaria Abdel Jabbar

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Libraries hold large amounts of data, which can contribute to improvements in the quality of library services. Data resources of modern library have the characteristics of big-data, where library can use big-data methods to achieve reform and innovation, including resource transferring, resource utilisation, social identity, thinking innovation. Librarians are well aware that big data can lead to better informed decisions and can transform the user’s experience. This work investigates the concept of big data from the perspective of Information Technology department staff at three major university libraries in Jordan. This work attempts to uncover big data, analytics and challenges in academic libraries in Jordan. A review of research work on big data in libraries was conducted, and a summary of the applications and research directions in this field is presented. The status of big data in libraries in Jordan is discussed, and the challenges associated with it are also explored.

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