Bacterial Biodegradation of Bisphenol A (BPA)

Snehal Ingale, Kajal Patel, Hemen Sarma, Sanket J. Joshi*

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Microorganisms play a key role in saving the environment by metabolizing and removing toxic harmful chemicals and wastes from the environment. Bisphenols (BPA) are one such group of chemicals, which are widely used in the production of plastic items, meant for day-to-day activities. It was popularized due to its sturdy and clear appearance. However, over the years, it is identified as possibly one of the key pollutants, which can leach in to soil and water bodies, and could enter the food chain. Several studies reported it to be quite a harmful chemical at different concentrations, leading to disruption of neuro-endocrine systems, reproductive systems and more. Different techniques are currently utilized to degrade and transform it to less harmful intermediates or complete degradation. Biodegradation is one such environmentally friendly technique, where BPA is metabolized and biotransformed into less toxic intermediates and non-toxic end products. We isolated few bacteria strains that can degrade BPA, from Industrial effluent contaminated soil. BPA degrading bacterial strains are isolated using enrichment techniques in MSM medium containing BPA as a sole source of carbon and energy. The current chapter aims to bring together the current state of knowledge on the widespread applications, presence and occurrence in environment and harmful effects of BPA and to assemble updates about different microbial groups involved in biodegradation.

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