Awareness of co-teaching administration among teachers of resource room program

Suhail Mahmoud Ahmad Al-Zoubi

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Collaborative teaching (co-teaching) is a method of providing educational services to students with learning disabilities (LDs) in general education classes, and it also reduces educational dispersion as a result of these students joining remedial instruction in special education programs. This descriptive research aimed to identify the level of awareness of co-teaching among teachers of resource room program (RRP). A total of 162 Omani teachers of RRP responded on a co-teaching scale. This scale consisted of 28 items distributed into five domains related to the concept of co-teaching, as well as co-teaching models, in addition to the elements, benefits and requirements of co-teaching. The results indicated that, according to the means and standard deviations of the scale domains, the teachers’ awareness of co-teaching was as follows: a low level of awareness of the elements, requirements and models of coteaching, a moderate one of the benefits of co-teaching, and a high one of the concept of co-teaching. The outcomes of the t-test also showed that there were no statistically significant differences in the teachers’ awareness attributed to their specialization and teaching experience. This research recommended reconsidering the pre-service and in-service teacher training programs in Oman to align with the philosophy of coteaching and raising awareness of it among Omani teachers and educational leaders.

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