Attitudes of Omani physicians to people with epilepsy

S H Al-Adawi, M Y Al-Maskari, R G Martin, A N Al-Naamani, K A Al-Riyamy, A A Al-Hussaini

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OBJECTIVE: This study reports the results of a questionnaire design to elicit doctors views about epilepsy.

METHODS: Sixty-two percent of medical staff working in different regions of Oman responded. The questionnaire covered certain topics regarding the source of the knowledge of the doctors on seizure disorders and the personalities and behavior of people with epilepsy.

RESULTS: The study suggests that although doctors in Oman gained knowledge on epilepsy prior to medical education, more doctors judged people with epilepsy `negatively` compared to `positively` for normal people.

CONCLUSION: A developing country such as Oman needs to inculcate perceptions and attitude that are more realistic amongst their doctors toward people with epilepsy.

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حالة النشرPublished - يناير 2000


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