Assessment of land degradation through people’s perception and knowledge toward management in Oman

B. S. Choudri*, Mahad Baawain, Ahmed Al-Sidairi, Hamed Al-Nadabi, Ahmed Al-Raeesi, Khalifa Al-Zeidi

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نتاج البحث: المساهمة في مجلةمقالمراجعة النظراء

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The focus of this study was to determine people’s perception and knowledge toward land degradation and management in the Al-Suwaiq Wilayat of Al-Batinah North, Sultanate of Oman. This area has been under pressure and competed for by several uses. Structured questionnaire survey with questions related to land degradation and management were used for the assessment in the beginning of the year 2016. In total, 238 households were surveyed in the Wilayat following a random sampling method. The results indicate that residents were aware of the on-going land degradation due to salinization, construction, and public work activities in the area. Residents perceive land degradation mainly by reduced yields and the most important perceived indicator is loss of soil nutrients that reduced crop yield, reduction in family income followed by increased cost for management. The study findings highlight that sustainable use and management of land resources is required in creating awareness programs to educate residents and successful policies toward improving land degradation in the area. In addition, this study shows that appropriate enabling policies and institutional arrangements are also required. Such measures should combine proven indigenous practices as well as knowledge into technical approaches toward ensuring local participation in decision-making.

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دوريةHuman and Ecological Risk Assessment
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