Assessment of fog-water collection on the eastern escarpment of Eritrea

Mussie Fessehaye, Sabah A. Abdul-Wahab*, Michael J. Savage, Thomas Kohler, Tseggai Gherezghiher, Hans Hurni

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Fog can be considered a potential water resource for certain semi-arid and arid countries. In Eritrea, a fog-water collection project was implemented in 2007 in the villages of Arborobue and Nefasit. This study presents an assessment of the project after five years of implementation and identifies the main strengths to be technical viability, since it is simple and manageable by communities, and reasonable in areas where conventional water delivery systems are not feasible. The main limitations are that it is not economically viable unless its initial cost is subsidized; moreover, fog capture is seasonal, and net damage occurs during strong winds.

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