Assessing knowledge of nosocomial infection among Omani student nurses: A cross-sectional study

Mallak Alriyami, Omar Al Omari, Laila Al-Daken, Thikra Alriyami, Ranin Al Rashdi, Shahad Al Shukaili, Tamouh Al-Alawi, Mohammad Al Qadire

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Background: The total cost and negative health associated with nosocomial infection are high and early interventions are required. Assessing students knowledge about nosocomial infection may contribute to solving this issue. Aims: The present study aimed to assess the level of knowledge of nosocomial infection among student nurses and to identify their main sources of information on the topic. Methods: A total of 330 student nurses at Sultan Qaboos University completed the online survey, which included participants demographics and the Infection Control Standardized Questionnaire (ICSQ). Findings: The results of the study reveal the average total corrected score of the participants was 51.53 (SD=0.89) out of 100, with a minimum score of 16 and a maximum score of 96. Female students had a higher average score (13.9, SD=4.34) than male students (11.6, SD=3.2); t(328)=5.35. Conclusion: The student nurses did not have a sufficient level of knowledge about nosocomial infection. This calls for a review of nursing curricula to pave the way for more pragmatic teaching of infection control.

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حالة النشرPublished - يناير 27 2022

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