Assessing impact of thermal units on growth and development of mustard varieties grown under optimum sown conditions

M. R. Islam, M. A. Alam, Mohd Mostofa Kamal, R. Zaman, Akbar Hossain, H. Alharby, A. Bamagoos, Mohd Farooq, J. Hossain, C. Barutcular, F. Çig, Ayman El Sabagh*

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Thermal unit indices have a strong correlation with the phenology, growth and yield of crops and can be effectively used to select suitable crop cultivars for specific environmental conditions especially temperature. In this study, four mustard varieties (viz., ‘BARI Sharisha-14', ‘BARI Sharisha-15', ‘BARI Sharisha-16' and ‘Tori-7') were grown in two consecutive growing to assess the impact of thermal unit indices on crop growth and development, and to select the suitable variety for better yield under optimum sowing condition. Thermal unit indices viz., growing degree-day (GDD), helio-thermal units (HTU), phenothermal index (PTI) and heat use efficiency (HUE) were estimated from daily temperature and sunshine hours. Role of GDD on different growth indicators and seed yield (SY) were estimated through association and dependence of the traits. Significant variations in studied genotypes were observed for different traits. Among the studied varieties, ‘BARI Sharisha-16' produced higher dry matter and seed yields (1.82 t ha-1) while accumulated maximum GDD at different growth stages. A strong positive association was obtained between GDD and the studied traits. Thermal unit indices had a strong influence in attaining different phenophases and other growth indicators. Therefore, results suggest that those indices could be used for growth prediction; further ‘BARI Sharisha-16' is expected to use heat energy more efficiently for increasing the seed yields which indicated that the crop can perform better under global warming scenarios.

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دوريةJournal of Agrometeorology
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حالة النشرPublished - سبتمبر 2019

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